Meet Erik and Heidi Antonson.

Erik and Heidi are the brother-sister duo that create and refine many of the 3D CAD models used by ADVENT during the patenting process.

They work with ADVENT’s clients to understand what their concepts will look like in physical form, sometimes starting from just the spark of an idea. In some cases, they work through every stage of the design process, from the initial concept to the patent filing and beyond.

Clients come to ADVENT at many different stages and levels of product development, sometimes bringing only a rough, preliminary idea.

Erik typically starts by working with clients to identify a level of service specific to each client’s exact needs and wants. Erik’s goal is to, “seamlessly and efficiently use what the client has already done and refine their ideas into final form, or near final form, both for patenting purposes, and for marketing, manufacturing, and sales.”

Erik and Heidi provide a strong understanding of the different drawing and design materials each client brings to the table, efficiently leveraging the work already done to ensure each patent application can be effectively assembled to meet the client’s needs. One of the tools Erik and Heidi use to visualize inventions is ADVENT’s 3D printer. Working in tandem, Erik and Heidi have different focuses specific to modeling and prototyping. Using his mechanical engineering background, Erik focuses primarily on the constraints of the 3D printing process and materials.  


Heidi’s background in art and illustration enables her to focus on design and aesthetics. For example, Heidi creates 3D models and turns those models into 2D illustrations that tell the unique story of each invention, while meeting the exacting standards of the U.S. Patent Office. Starting with parts and assemblies that are often complex, Heidi’s goal is to “quickly break them down into individual pieces to focus on key components and then decide what level of detail is necessary for an effective model.”

The detail and expertise that Erik and Heidi provide, both about the patenting process and about modeling and prototyping, provides clients with confidence about the patenting process itself, as well as prototypes that can be used to further the business objectives of the client. That expertise is a valuable and integral part of ADVENT, ensuring clients have a more complete understating of how their ideas are unique early in the patenting process, and often providing clients with insights into potential manufacturing and marketing directions beyond the patenting process.