We’ve eliminated the billable hour. Seriously.

our unique business model


ADVENT is an intellectual property, innovation and technology law firm that has creativity as part of its DNA. We broke the mold of the traditional law firm model to bring greater alignment with the needs of our clients by eliminating the billable hour.


In every aspect of our business processes, we have created a law firm with absolute flexibility to ensure the right level of support and commitment to our clients, without the tension of unpredictable billing rates and hours. We’ve put the focus where it belongs — on delivery of value to our clients based upon their definition of value — not the billable hour’s definition of value.

We deliver our legal services under several unique arrangements, including project-based flat fee models, all-inclusive monthly and yearly models, and outside-in-house counsel models. We have designed proprietary software to provide predictability to our clients, while we absorb the inevitable volatility in volume. We focus on holistic innovation support.