Heidi Antonson

Patent Illustrator


Heidi creates, designs, and reproduces drawings that comply with the drafting standards of the USPTO, as well as several international patent offices. Outside of work, she enjoys creating her own illustrations and learning new art forms, such as 3D modeling and printing.

Heidi has been working in Patent Illustration since 2003. She has worked as a contract Patent Illustrator since 2007 for several different Patent and Trademark law firms, as well as individual Patent Attorneys. Heidi has been doing contract Patent Illustration for Advent since 2011 and joined ADVENT full time in 2017.

Heidi's greatest artistic passion is pencil illustration. With the increasing use of digital devices in everyday life, she finds it particularly enjoyable to step away from the computer and put pencil to paper. Heidi finds there is a tactile feel to illustration that just doesn’t translate to the computer.

Fun Fact: Heidi has a Bachelor’s Degree in Art and a Bachelor’s Degree in History.


PH:  402.502.1020


favorite words of wisdom:

A picture is worth a thousand words.
— Unknown

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