What about Patent No. 9,999,999?

Last Thursday, June 19th 2018, the United States Patent Office issued its 10,000,000 patent. The patent focuses on LADAR technology.

The current patent numbering system started in 1836.  Despite numbering for 182 years, over half the patents have been issued in the last 30 years. There have been 300,000 patents a year since 2013.  While much attention has been given to the 10 millionth patent, we thought we'd also pay tribute to the recipient of the 9,999,999 patent.

This patent is for “Injector for Plastic Material Injection Molding Apparatus,” which was invented by Maurizio Bazzo of Italy. The new technology allows for more adjustment and regulation on products that release materials to make molds, while maintaining the pressure of the system and integrity of the finished product. 

Sadly the recognition for this patent is shadowed by that of the 10,000,000 patent; Bazzo just missed the press by one.  We thought we should give this one a little air time.

Rebecca Bortolotti